The blockchain technologie offers competitive advantages compared to fiduciary currencies

Your transactions and personal data are protected through encryption

Monoeci services are available for free without any engagement

Your funds are protected by the unbreakable security of the blockchain

Your funds are also an investment in a meaningful and long term project 


Our association provides complete and free assistance to all!

On the spot

Available at all times 

Free training service 

How Monoeci works

Operating diagram


A wants to send Monoeci to B


A makes a transaction to B from Monoeci wallet
or from an available exchange platform


Monoeci network processes a secure and private
Monoeci transaction (POSe & POW + Masternodes)


B receives transaction from A
Monoeci ecosystem will include:
  • Payment card
  • Mobile app
  • Payment terminal
  • ATM
  • New exchange platforms

Information & Market price Monoeci

Monoeci price today

24 hour volume

Project progress :
Web & Media
Paper Wallet
http://paper.moneci.io 100%
Web Wallet
http://wallet.monoeci.io 100%
Github Update
Apple Wallet
Android Wallet
Android Wallet
Qt Wallet (New Version)
Tools & Support
Block Explorer
http://insight.monoeci.io/ 100%
New exchange
Support Ticket
Zendesk System 100%
Api public
Medias :

Meet Monoeci’s Core Team

Sébastien Icard

Cofounder & Lead Developer

Sebastien has more than 8 years of experience in software engineering and blockchain technology.
As a technical expert, he worked for a computer and software services company specialized in the Internet of Things. He has also co-founded the Monaco blockchain association. He started-up his first business in the home automation sector at the age of 23.

Contact :  [email protected]

Dimitri Jeangérard

Cofounder, Business Developer & CRM Manager

Dimitri has more than 3 years of experience in business development and customer management at an international level. 

He co-founded the Monaco blockchain association with Sebastien. He started to get involved in blockchain projects as an investor and a translator at the age of 18. He graduated from the University of Toulouse in 2015 with a degree in law, then went to an International Business School. 

Contact :  [email protected]

Émile Josselin

Strategy & Communications Consultant

Émile Josselin was a Former advisor to French Prime minister & Deputy minister for digital affairs from 2012 to 2016. He is the Founder and CEO of EnJoy agency.
He is an expert in digital transformation, communications, public relations & brand strategy.

Contact :  [email protected]

Cédric Maugard

Development Consultant

Cédric Maugard is an HR and communications consultant in the IT sector, with more than 5 years of experience for innovative companies and technologies. As a real passionate and early miner, Cedric developed his own blockchain network and projects since 2014.

Contact :  [email protected]

Boris Fedoroff

International Affairs Advisor

President of the Monaco E-sport Association. Online gaming and e-sport specialist. Boris is highly involved in the Monegasque associative environment. He graduated with a degree in international business from Richmond University and a marketing degree at London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Contact :  [email protected]

Jean-Albert Vergnaud

Expert, Event and Marketing consultant

At 32 years old Jean-Albert Vergnaud enters his 9th edition of the MONACO INTERNATIONAL CLUBBING SHOW with passion and ambition. Co-founder of the show since 2009 he undertakes this adventure after a MASTER 2 in AUDIT and an experience within the group STARWOOD. Based in MONACO he helped develop the marketing strategies of more than 500 exhibitors in this industry. Also organizer of festivals and parties cumulating more than a hundred events for 10 years. He quickly expanded the exhibition on the Asian continent with 2 editions in MACAU. He has also co-produced the NRJ DJ AWARDS for 8 years. Recognized expertise in his field pushes him to develop new projects to create a link while bringing an original vision.

Contact :  [email protected]

Business Advisor
Mr Philippe rodriguez

Philippe Rodriguez is one of the most renowned cryptocurrency & blockchain specialists in France & Europe. He’ll be one of Monoeci’s major business advisor.

Philippe launched Bitcoin France and is an advisor to many ICOs all around the world through its firm, Avolta Partners.

Based in Paris, London, Brussels and Lisbon, Avolta Partners advises high potential companies during all their stages of development: from the Series A to the Exit.

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