Hello everyone,

We’re very happy to let you know that our light wallet are now available ! The web version and the Android ones are already released. The thank you’s and credits must be given to François, our so talented developer.

Android app on the Google play store :

Our Android wallet officially hit the Play Store a few days ago !

>> It is available here

(Be sure to rate it !)

This app is available in French, German, simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

With this app you’ll be able to buy, sell & create wallets instantly, hold your funds with others via multisignature wallets…

You can customize email and push notifications for payments and transfers, as well as customizable wallet naming and background colors.

You can read the full feature on Google Play store:

Web wallet online :

Our web version of the light wallet is online at this address:


Through our light wallet, you’ll be able, like with our app, to easily create a wallet & buy, sell & store Monoeci online.

The iOS wallet is finished too, and should be available on the Apple store in the weeks to come. The procedure is longer than the Android store one.

Burn done !

We burned 1,2 million Monoeci at the following address:


Like the precedent burn, nobody has the private key of this address. If you want to compute the private key to unlock these coins, it would take some billion of years. Hence, these Monoecis are definitely lost and out of the market.

Like we promised, the number of coin we own was decreased by 20%.

Cryptocurrency show in May: this is it !

Since we stroke the deal for our cryptocurrency show, we’re working hard to complete the program, and hope to let you know this week ! We can already let you know that it will be at the Grimaldi Forum, the biggest congress center in Monaco !